Terms of Use

Access and use of merryberry.gr and the provided services by any registered or non-registered visitor are governed by the present terms.
Every visitor, customer, or user of merryberry.gr (hereinafter referred to as "visitor" or "customer" or "user") before accessing, browsing, and using the website in any way (including but not limited to browsing, customer registration, transactions, searches, submissions, information storage) explicitly, unequivocally, and unreservedly declares that they fully accept the terms of use and operation of the website (hereinafter "terms"), as well as any other term that meets the legal requirements and may be found within this website, beyond the present text, for example in the following sections: registration, contact form, personal data, withdrawal, etc.
The present terms, together with the addition of the terms found in the above-mentioned sections, constitute the terms of transactions with our company's website.
The terms of transactions constitute an integral part of the distance contracts for the provision of services through our company's website.
The existing terms apply to any other term that meets the requirements of the law and may be found within this website, beyond the scope of the present text.
Your unconditional acceptance of the above terms is a prerequisite for accessing and using this website.
Acceptance of the terms is implied and considered automatic once you use the website.
The terms contained within this website, which have been formulated in advance for future agreements (general terms of transactions), bind the user to the extent that they meet the requirements of the law. Their existence has been indicated on our company's website, and the user has been provided with the opportunity to have real knowledge of their content.
The customer's registration on this website constitutes automatic and unconditional acceptance of the terms of use and operation of the website. Additionally, any transaction with our company's website constitutes automatic and unconditional acceptance of the general terms of transactions.
Please read carefully the following terms, as well as the other terms above, before you take any action, interaction, access, transaction, and use of this website and comply with them.
Merryberry.gr reserves the right to freely and unilaterally modify the terms of use and operation of this website, as well as the terms of transactions within the framework of the law, without prior notice.
The mere posting on this website is sufficient for any new term or modification or abolition of an existing term to take effect, with the exception of those transactions already confirmed by merryberry.gr.
Visitors/users/customers are obliged to periodically check if there have been any modifications to these terms.
Posting terms on the present website and on any other part of the website fulfills the requirements for informing customers of any changes to the terms.
The use of the present website and the services provided within it presupposes and confirms the customer's acceptance of the existing terms, as they apply, including the aforementioned indicative modifications, interventions, and deletions by the Company.
Any invalidity of some of the terms (usage - operation of the website and transactions) does not result in the invalidity of the remaining terms.
If you disagree with the content of the terms (usage - operation of the website and transactions), you are advised to refrain from any action, interaction, access, transaction, and usage of the present website.
Merryberry.gr reserves the right to modify, suspend, or terminate the operation of the present website or any services provided through it, for maintenance, improvement, and other reasons, at any time and without prior notice, with the exception of rights acquired by customers and third parties from the law or from a contract with the Company.
The full legal capacity of individuals involved is required for using the services of the website and for validly entering into a contract with merryberry.gr.
Users refrain from engaging in actions of defamation against the website, whose exclusive purpose is to harm its commercial reputation.
Users of this website, by accepting the terms, are obligated to provide accurate and truthful information when entering into any form of contract with merryberry.gr. The contract with the website may be concluded in Greek or English language.
All the terms (terms of use, operation of the website, and transactions) are essential.
Any violation of the terms by the visitor/customer in any way will result in penalties according to the applicable legislation, and the customer will be obliged to compensate for any positive or negative damage caused to the company or any third party due to their illegal behavior according to these terms.
In case of a violation of these terms, the company reserves the right to prohibit the customer's access to its website and the services it offers, delete the customer's account, and any information the customer has provided on this website. The company may also exercise all the rights provided by law.
The company's failure to enforce any of these terms or its rights provided by law does not constitute a waiver of those rights.
The posting of the terms (usage - operation of the website and transactions) and their content by merryberry.gr does not establish any liability of the company beyond what is legally provided by law.
Apart from the liability and obligations of the customers/users of this website, as described in all the terms of use, operation, payment, etc., the customers have the following additional obligations:
Customers are obliged to act within the framework of the law of the Greek state, including generally accepted principles of International Law and International Conventions, which, upon their ratification by law and their enforcement according to the terms of each, form an integral part of the internal Greek law and prevail over any contrary provision of the law (Article 28, paragraph 1, Constitution 1975/1986/2001). They are also required to respect and abide by any European or International Law or regulation that applies to the use of this website and the provided services and to exercise their rights within the limits set by good faith, sound morals, and the social and economic purpose of their rights (Article 281 Civil Code).

Customers/visitors are obliged not to use this website, the electronic correspondence of the website, the provided website services, the forms for entering information and customer registration, or any other means of expression through this website or the company's accounts on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc., for posting, disclosing, transmitting information, data, or any content in any form that is illegal, unfair, abusive, defamatory, and/or false, threatening, fraudulent, extortionate, offensive, provocative, insulting, obscene, indecent, blasphemous, or pornographic, or that promotes racism.
Sharing content that encourages the commission of a crime or misdemeanor (Article 186 of the Penal Code), constitutes a criminal offense, or is criminally punishable through this website is strictly prohibited. Additionally, content that expresses discrimination, violates any form of privacy, infringes upon constitutionally protected rights, or contradicts the laws in general is also prohibited.
Customers/visitors are also prohibited from sharing any form of advertisements and content, as well as personal data, sensitive or not, of third parties, confidential information regarding the company or its partners, "spam messages," or any other malicious software, protected by Intellectual and Industrial Property Law works and data.
Περαιτέρω συνιστάται στους χρήστες του ιστότοπoυ να τηρούν μια αποδεκτή και μετριοπαθή στάση κατά την ηλεκτρονική αλληλεπίδραση και επικοινωνία με άλλους χρήστες στον παρόντα δικτυακό τόπο, με σεβασμό προς αλλήλους και προς τους διαχειριστές του δικτυακού τόπου και να μην υιοθετούν συμπεριφορές που αντίκεινται στον Κώδικα Δεοντολογικής Συμπεριφοράς στο Διαδίκτυο (Netiquette). Η τήρηση των ως άνω κανόνων συμβάλλει στην εύρυθμη λειτουργία του Διαδικτύου.

Περιορισμένη άδεια
Το merryberry.gr , υπό τους όρους και τις προϋποθέσεις, που τίθενται στο παρόν και όλους τους εφαρμοστέους νόμους και κανονισμούς, σας χορηγεί ένα μη αποκλειστικό, αμεταβίβαστο, προσωπικό, περιορισμένο δικαίωμα πρόσβασης, χρήσης και παρουσίασης αυτής της ιστοσελίδας και των περιεχομένων στοιχείων της.
Αυτή η άδεια δεν αποτελεί μεταβίβαση τίτλου στην ιστοσελίδα και στα στοιχεία της και υπόκειται στους ακόλουθους περιορισμούς: (1) πρέπει να διατηρείτε σε όλα τα αντίγραφα της ιστοσελίδας και των στοιχείων της, όλες τις επισημειώσεις, που αφορούν πνευματικά δικαιώματα και άλλα ιδιοκτησιακά δικαιώματα και (2) δεν μπορείτε, να τροποποιήσετε την ιστοσελίδα και τα στοιχεία της με κανένα τρόπο ή να αναπαράγεται ή να παρουσιάσετε δημοσίως, ή να διανείμετε ή με άλλο τρόπο να χρησιμοποιήσετε την ιστοσελίδα και τα στοιχεία της για οποιοδήποτε δημόσιο ή εμπορικό σκοπό, εκτός εάν άλλως επιτρέπεται με το παρόν.

Περιορισμός Ευθύνης
Ο ιστότοπος merryberry.gr, οι υπάλληλοί του, ή άλλοι αντιπρόσωποί του, δεν έχουν καμία ευθύνη, υπό οποιεσδήποτε συνθήκες, για όποιες επακόλουθες, παρεμπίπτουσες, έμμεσες, ειδικές αποζημιώσεις ή έξοδα ή χρηματικές ποινές, συμπεριλαμβανομένων, αλλά όχι περιοριστικά, διαφυγόντων κερδών, διακοπής λειτουργίας της επιχείρησης, απώλειας πληροφοριών ή δεδομένων, ή απώλειας πελατείας, απώλειας ή ζημίας περιουσίας, και οποιωνδήποτε αξιώσεων τρίτων μερών προκύψουν από ή σε σχέση με την χρήση, την αντιγραφή, ή την παρουσίαση αυτής της ιστοσελίδας ή των περιεχομένων της ή οποιασδήποτε άλλης συνδεδεμένης ιστοσελίδας, ανεξαρτήτως εάν η εταιρία είχε ενημερωθεί, γνώριζε ή έπρεπε να γνωρίζει αυτή την πιθανότητα.

Δικαιώματα Πνευματικής Ιδιοκτησίας και Σήμα
Όλος ο σχεδιασμός της ιστοσελίδας, το κείμενο, οι φωτογραφίες, τα γραφικά η επιλογή και οι ρυθμίσεις αυτής, είναι ιδιοκτησία του merryberry.gr και είναι Δικαίωμα Πνευματικής Ιδιοκτησίας © 2020 του merryberry.gr. Επιφυλασσόμενων όλων των δικαιωμάτων.
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